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Robert Barker is a photographer and artist based in Maidenhead, UK. He works with camera, laptop and a certain amount of hysteria. His work is rooted in a love of nature conflicted with the modern world and technology, often merging natural organic forms with strict geometric structures. A fascination with process drives much of his creative output, building specific methodologies to follow with focus on the process itself rather than the end result.

He believes in finding beauty in the mundane and will make use of bleak imagery combined with repetition and geometry. He explores themes of decay, loss, conflict and isolation; sometimes he draws cheerful robots by way of balance.

As well abstract photography and composite digital imagery he also works in acrylics, generative art, audio and video. He used to create album covers for experimental industrial bands, but then MP3s happened, he pines for the days of the 16 page booklet.

He enjoys solitude, nature and walking but likes people more than this would suggest. He lives with a wife, child, cat and extensive collection of dried leaves.

Comissions are gratefully accepted.

He also really hates writing about himself in the third person, it's incredibly jarring.

I am on a mountain

I am on a mountain

I have a very sensible face

I have a very sensible face

Photos by Scott Wylie