Anxious Silence

Illustration Update

Posted February 23rd, 2014 21:51 by Bob

Few bits and pieces from the last few days, all self-initiated quick sketches.

Bearded Sunflower


MyBigPinkPhone-01 lass=

To dream of a coat stand

Posted February 17th, 2014 00:52 by Bob

I cannot sleep because I need a coat stand. Indirectly.

I can not find a coat stand I like and can afford. A normal person would just buy a fucking coat stand and not think about it.

So I spent an hour looking for a coat stand, rather than just purchasing the first one I found for a tenner on ebay.

I found nothing to make me happy. So I designed one. In my head.

Then I spent an hour working out where I could source the materials from.

Then I had a bit of a think about the fact I’m not very good with my hands.

Then finally I thought about how little spare time I have in which to build a fucking coat stand. This was upsetting because the one in my head is really nice and it would be a shame for it to not exist, and frankly I really want to build something. But by taking time out to learn how to and then build a coat stand I will be letting people down.

I should probably just buy a coat stand on ebay for a tenner.

The source of my insomnia is a coat stand. I am not normal.

Rockets and Shooting Stars Pattern

Posted February 12th, 2014 22:50 by Bob


Rocket & Shooting Star Pattern

Diamond Snowflake with sliced circle pattern background

Posted February 12th, 2014 21:52 by Bob


Wang Pattern

Posted February 8th, 2014 15:56 by Bob


I had to draw a bunch of retro patterns this week for a tech project. Here’s a couple of them lovingly arranged with some text. When time allows I’ll put together a pack of them for download.

Feral Trolleys

Posted February 7th, 2014 09:17 by Bob

For a while now I’ve been tracking and photographing the wild trolleys of the urban plains of Maidenhead. You can now view my journal in it’s full splendour online:

Feral Trolleys

Submissions are open and welcome.

My First iPad App

Posted January 18th, 2014 07:50 by Bob


I’ve been learning how to code for mobile devices, (mostly for commercial purposes) as part of the process I realised I could write games for Alexander so I created one with all his favourite things (windmills, bees, bubbles, butterflies). I released it on the app store a week or so back. It’s for 2-3 year olds (although anyone might enjoy it).

It’s an interactive picture of a garden, with various things you can click to make them animate.

Windmill Garden on iTunes

Some Pictures

Posted January 4th, 2014 07:50 by Bob

I found a little bit of spare time to do some illustration over Christmas, I was hoping to do some painting as well but didn’t find the time in the end. Here’s the bits I managed, all a combination of Illustrator/Photoshop.

Ornamental Tile Design.

Green Mandala. I’ve started drawing Mandalas as warm up exercises for digital illustration. I find it very calming although tend to end up just doing those rather than starting on what I originally intended.

I drew a bunch of snowflakes and wanted somewhere to use them.

'Tis the season
A 1950s style poster for my interpretation of the Christmas season.

Terry IceCrystals disapproves of your hipster bullshit. Because he does!

Happy New Year xx

Vlog 2 – Mad Old Bastards

Posted November 30th, 2013 15:38 by Bob

I did a second Vlog. I also attempted a third but kept getting interrupted. If next week is calmer I will try again.

Tile Design

Posted November 30th, 2013 12:17 by Bob

Trying to find time to get some more illustration practice in. Here’s a tile design I knocked up last night.