Earth Loop Recall – 21 January 2008

January 23, 2008

Some photos of Earth Loop Recall playing at The Fly on Monday. Gig was excellent, I managed to miss all the support acts although given how cramped the gig room was I wouldn’t have enjoyed ELR so mucg by the time they came on if I’d been in there from the start. Photos all taken on my Sony DSC F717, I’ve not edited them at all as time is short and I’m relatively happy with them as they are, I was there to watch the band not really take photos so these were just randomly snapped at points during the gig.

Due to the lighting I didn’t manage to get any of Jo, Jason or Dan.


I tried some long exposures…



Ben being a bit scary:

Ben accidentally slashed his hand on his guitar during the set, you can see a smear of blood on his cheek:

Earth Loop Recall @ The Fly – The complete set.

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