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October 24, 2008

I may live to regret this. Damo created me a twitter account an age ago which I used for approx 2 minutes before smashing his monitor in an defenestrating him (ok it was the ground floor and the window was open so no hard done). I hated it with a massive intensity on first use, it appeared to consist entirely of back patting vacuous twats. Anyway, I never logged back in, but over the last year I have received multiple updates informing me I have plently of followers (which is odd for an account that’s never been used, I suspect spammers/nutters). I forget what my original account was, so I created a new one:


I may decide I hate it again very quickly, but am willing to give it more of a chance, some people of substance appear to be using it. This doesn’t mean they are posting anything of substance but I need to communicate with the outside world more. I may be forced to change my ‘microblogs are for twats’ stance.

No new design right now. Up to my pits in PHP5 Objects and Frameworks. I long for pixels and vectors.

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