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A Day in London (Mk 1)

November 11, 2009

Yes, yes, yes, I suck balls at updating. Work has been a right mountain of pants (and other weak excuses). Myself and my good Lady K have been out a few times in the last couple of months and I’ve made the effort to take my camera. I only realised this afternoon when I ran out of memory that I FAIL at doing anything with my photos once I’ve taken them. As of this afternoon I had 583 on sticks.

We went up to London with Scott and Emma a few times recently to go and see the stuff that we usually pass up as being ‘just down the road, we can do it anytime’. First trip we covered the Natural History Museum, The Science Museum and Harrods.

The Natural History Museum is absolutely awesome. It doesn’t appear to have changed much since I went as a child (it probably has) so it was a brilliantly nostalgic experience. Some of the exhibits seemed amusingly outdated, but this just gave it an extra layer of charm. The age of the exhibits is pretty much beside the point anyway, they are fascinating, fun and informative.

The building itself is beautiful, there’s so much detail to it it’s hard to imagine the effort that went into it. There’s carvings around all the doorways DIFFERENT carvings around all the doorways, seriously. From room to room the details change, always in the same style but always slightly different. Some have birds, some monkeys, lizards, plants and flowers and then this:


I blame either Lovecraft or Geiger any ideas?

Next up was the Science Museum. I’ll be honest, I was less excited but possibly more through my aching feet than anything to do with the museum itself. We didn’t manage to cover much of it, it was getting late and my feet were starting to hate me. It was brilliant, the space section was especially inspiring. I really wanted to see the historical medicine section on the top floor but my feet and K’s desire to see the HORROR that is Harrods killed that plan (for now).

HARRODS. Well beat me with a tacky stick from the tackiest shop in tacky land (Harrods). I had been here once before in my youth, but obviously being young and unaware of such things I hadn’t noticed the pure amazing lack of taste and decency in the decor. Kitsch doesn’t even begin to cover it. It’s fun in a tasteless manner. The massive over the top Ancient Egyptian style decor coupled with the OPERA SINGER SINGING DOWN THE FUCKING ESCALATORS did have me wondering if I had fallen through a portal to a world where fairground ghost rides were decorated by drag queens. Karen loved it (of course). It’s now her new favourite shop in the whole world ever. She ran around the Christmas department like a mental and didn’t want to leave. We bought some nice decorations and chocolates (NOT the £10,000 box of chocolates, I mean SERIOUSLY, how does that work?).

I live with her. Pity me.

Then we went home.

Here is some photos:

DSC_5202 DSC_5220

Here’s the entire set. I was too busy looking at stuff WITH MY REAL EYES to take many photos, unlike various mentals I saw in the museums who never removed the camera from their faces.

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