Reincarnationfish – Science Ninja Team Go

January 11, 2010

We did this nearly a year ago then sat on it for some reason. Can’t remember why so it’s probably not so important. Nick (Reincarnationfish) wrote an album for February Album Writing Month last year and asked me create the designs for it. Album is called ‘Science Ninja Team Go’ so using the law of ‘most obvious illustration possible’ I drew ninjas in lab coats. I think this was my first illustration using paper and pencils, everything previous had been photo-montages or basic shapes. Final version was traced (by hand) in illustrator and coloured/composited in photoshop. Wish I hadn’t left it so long to upload, I think my illustrator skills are much improved since then but I’m still happy with the end result.



Flickr set which also includes a couple of wallpapers. The most important thing is the album itself which you can download for free here: Reincarnationfish – Science Ninja Team Go. It’s a bit of a departure from Reincarnationfish’s usual indietronica, more of an ambient/IDM slant. It’s also awesome. Download it and tell him how good it is, he might make some more.

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