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Photo Spew (Salisbury Plain Day Trip)

August 8, 2010

Got back into the bad habit of leaving weeks worth of photos on the camera, also not really had much of a chance to take too many photos recently. Work has been a shit. Processed a load today, some more to come when I next get a chance.

Went for probably the last proper expedition of the year with Scott a few weeks back. Torn between doing a tour of London or Salisbury Plain we decided it was far too hot to go into the city so escaped to the plain again. Tried out a couple of places we hadn’t been before, including the best pub-restaurant I’ve ever been to – The Boot Inn in Berwick St. James, the food, the service and the setting were all pretty much perfect. Didn’t take many photos on the firing ranges as covered them in enough detail in the past.

Crofton Beam Engines

One of those places we had seen tourist signs for ever since we’ve been visiting the plain. Stopped to have a look for the first time. Pretty interesting piece of engineering, as far as I can ascertain it’s a big steam powered engine in a building that was used to push loads of water uphill. I could be wrong, I did take a brochure/guide but it’s somewhere in my mess of an office. Lots of shiny machinery mixed with a picturesque landscape. Full set of Crofton Beam Engine photos here…

DSC_7216 DSC_7292 DSC_7222


DSC_7277Scott interfering with the machinery

Berwick St. James

Pretty awesome little village. Could happily live there. Asked the nice lady who runs the Boot if she ever misses the noise of city/town life (she used to live near me), she looked at me like I was mental. We explored the church a bit then moved on.

DSC_7298 DSC_7301


DSC_7305The Boot Inn

St. Alban the Martyr

Another location we’ve driven past many times but never been inside. St. Alban the Martyr is a military chuch in Larkhill. Nice lady showed us around and pointed at items of specific interest, slightly awkward moment when she asked if we were military and what our interest in churches was (no & they look nice). Very impressive inside with some great windows. Full set of St. Alban the Martyr photos.

DSC_7311 DSC_7319 DSC_7337

The Goschen Memorial window

And finally…

Look at the size of this fish we spotted off a bridge in Marlow. Any idea what it is?


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  • Ooh, I’m going to Crofton next month, with the clog dancers. It looks lovely. 🙂

    I think the fish might be a carp, but I’m not a fish-identification expert by any means. It does look a bit like the massive beasties in our lake though.

    That stained glass is amazing. I’m always a bit confused by modern stained glass – I tend to forget that church windows aren’t automatically Very Old. Lovely stuff.

  • Crofton is ace. There’s a windmill there as well, I fully expect you to clog dance in the windmill or I shall be unimpressed 😉

    Carp it may well be, I have no idea, it was scarily large and swimming quite happily down the middle of the thames!

    I appear to have a growing obsession with stained glass, I started taking photos for an art project that never happened and just don’t seem able to stop now. I’m generally unimpressed with modern churches but some are ace, the military one at Larkhill is really nice, it’s a really modern building but really peaceful and beautiful.

  • It is a carp 🙂 Looks like a koi but I don’t know what a koi would be doing in Marlow. Maybe it escaped from a rich person’s pond and walked there… 😀
    Unless it’s a common carp…

  • No, it’s a chub 🙂 probably….

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