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Actual T-shirts!
I’m on Patreon

I’m on Patreon

-*+Come visit me on Patreon for further art and photography.
Organic Contrast Nature Art Postcards

Organic Contrast Nature Art Postcards

-*+Silhouettes of nature in stasis combined with geometric forms. On actual card!
Winter Branch Snowflake T-shirt Forest Shrine – T-shirt and Mug

Actual T-shirts!

March 25, 2015

The absolutely wonderful people at More T Vicar have very kindly agreed to stock a bunch of my designs as t-shirts. They are beautiful digitally printed, available in a technicolour yawn of colours in a various selection of sizes and styles.

There’s only a handful up there at the moment but I’ll be going through my archive and adapting some old designs as well as creating some new ones over the next few weeks.

Here’s what’s up there right now, each design is available in Ladies and Mens styles in a range of sizes from Small to XXL, each one comes in a different set of colours to match the design.

Lower Your Expectations
The cat of lowering expectations

FUCK EVERYTHING with the exasperated owl

A less exasperated owl, for those who like owls but not swearing

A slightly disconcerting steampunk robot living it up in the roaring twenties

Political Correctness – also known as – consideration for others

I tell it like it is – I have no social filter and lack compassion

Feedback so far has been really positive, it’s given me a real self-esteem lift to know that people not only like something I’ve created but like it enough to buy one. More to come soon.

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    I am Bob. This is my blog. It is an outlet and a substitute for real life. It contains my art, photography, illustration and thoughts on mental health (I deal with anxiety on a pretty much constant basis).

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