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Zoetrope 360 degree performance

July 27, 2017

Marvellous gig at the weekend in Cheltenham, which is easier to get to than London (London, sort yourself out).

I wasn’t planning to film it so some of the footage is a bit wonky and it’s cut in a slightly odd manner, BUT the footage is nice and the audio is pretty good given I didn’t use an external recording device.

It’s half an hour long but it’s worth the effort. As it gets darker you can see more of the beautiful live visuals.

More info here – Zoetrope – 360 degree performance

Event was arranged by the Wilson Arts Collective

temp0rary can be found here:

Organic Contrast Postcard Set

May 31, 2017

I have some new merchandise. I’ve put a selection of Organic Contrast images onto postcards which you can buy and send to people, pin to the wall, eat (please don’t eat them), or do whatever else seems appropriate.

Organic Contrast Postcard Set

For your money you get 5 postcards chosen at random (see the full set here) or you can choose which ones you want. here is some spiel which shows how terrible I am at writing about my art:

Organic Contrast came about from experiments with minimalist photographs of silhouettes (mostly trees) mixed with geometry and symmetry. They are mostly monochrome although some have a small amount of colour.

The images explore the beauty that can be found in the simplest of organic shapes contrasted against rigid geometric constraints.

The postcards are A6, matt printed card with a space on the reverse to write a lovely message, draw a picture of your own or scribble down random thoughts about the apocalypse.

Organic Contrast postcard set – £5

Dreams of light bugs

December 10, 2016

Dreams of light bugs. Exploding into life, blur of electric blue. Fading quickly, haze of dissipating sparks.

Light painting with Alexander (and a bit of photoshop).


You can buy this on all sorts of merchandise over at Society 6

Jo Hall – Artist Website

August 24, 2015

Just a quick update! I recently put together a website for the Maidenhead artist Jo Hall. She has a wonderful selection of art and covers many different styles and mediums with an apparent ease of which I’m greatly jealous. Jo runs workshops in the Maidenhead area (often at Norden Farm) and regularly has pieces both in local exhibitions (Maidenhead, Cookham, etc) and around the country. I’m particularly fond of the Natural Forms gallery.

Jo Hall, Artist’s website – www.jo-hall.co.uk

It was really lovely working with Jo and great to work on a project I could really invest myself in. I’ve generally avoided working on websites for artists (aside from musicians) in the past as expected them to be quite high maintenance but am rethinking this point of view now. Do drop me a line if you fancy a custom website for your art.

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Ongoing adventures in framing and office decor

June 15, 2013

I’m starting to even bore myself a bit with this but I’m far too obsessive to stop now and still have a box of prints and a mountain of charity shop frames to combine in some form. It’s started to turn into both a relaxation technique and a mental clearing system when I’m too stressed in the office or need to come up with ideas I bibble around with some frames for a bit until I can face dealing with work again or ideas start to flow.

2013-02-15 14.45.45

My first crack at a double mount, it’s ok but the colour choice (arctic white) is a bit stark, especially against the black frame and dark print. Print by Tara McPherson.




Couple more of Tara McPhersons in matching frames from one of the charity shops in town, I didn’t do anything to the frames outside of cleaning them up. I’m relatively happy with the light blue mount although the margin round the print could be better defined. The other clashes a little with the image but not horribly so.

2013-05-17 14.44.58

2013-05-28 11.17.40

2013-05-29 15.40.50

This looks better in real life although it is still very BLUE. I found a battered (but decent) wooden frame in a charity shop and wanted to try and match it to the print, it is still very BLUE and the trim is a bit too WHITE, also the colours bled together a bit when I varnished the frame.

2013-06-11 09.30.45

2013-06-13 10.21.54

2013-06-13 16.12.29

I picked up some awesome prints by Kallus Spore at Maidenhead’s Art on the Street, having learned from the last effort the challenges of doing multiple colours (and also because I wanted to get it done quickly) I just went for a striking red. Really happy with the result.

2013-06-11 14.49.28

One of a set of three beautiful Jeremiah Ketner prints I bought last year. The frame didn’t need any work but I’m really happy with the mount, best effort so far with a nice even border round the image.

2013-06-14 13.45.31

2013-06-14 13.45.36

One of a bunch of Kozyndan postcards and prints that have been sitting in a box for too long.

I’m becoming a frame bore and will shut the hell up about it soon. I am happy with how our office is starting to look though, it gets a reaction from everyone that visits, although it’s still pretty chaotic with piles of frames and mountboard everywhere.

I’m going to try some more interesting techniques soon, although possibly on some of my own pieces as don’t want to ruin other people’s art. I’m a bit limited by the environment (office room with no running water and not much airflow) but there’s a few bits I can try.

Decoupage Frame

May 9, 2013

I started this a while back (about six months) but other things kept getting in the way. I was inspired by some craft projects my friend Caitlin had done and some of the projects on Cut Out and Keep. It’s my first attempt at decoupage (which I still cannot pronounce correctly). I bought a cheap wooden frame and a cheap hardback from a charity shop. Buying the book was the biggest challenge, I have an irrational negative reaction to the idea of ripping up a book for any purpose at all so I chose one that I would absolutely never read (an action thriller of some sort, no offense to the author it’s just not my sort of thing).

Rather that buy expensive decoupage paste I used cheap white glue mixed with water, it took a while to work out the best mix. It turns out the best method when using paper from a paperback is a lot of water and to absolutely soak the paper before applying it or it just comes right off when it dries. I should probably have sanded down the frame first or applied a layer of matt paint, it was fairly glossy and it took a lot of work to get the first layer of paper to stick.

Once it had dried I gave it a bit of a paint over with some white watercolour to brighten it up a little then coated the whole thing in clear acrylic varnish. Pretty happy with the result, I want to try again but something a bit more planned and designed.

The picture is by my friend Jen you can buy her work here.

Once again I failed to take before/during photos.





Picture Frame Refurb – V1

January 7, 2013

I have a growing collection of art prints sitting in a box in my office (mostly Tara McPherson & Jeremiah Ketner), not even collecting dust due to being sealed in an airtight container (after a minor office flood caused damage to a couple of them – this made me sad). On discovering how much cash it costs to get things framed properly and quite how crappy cheap frames can look I opted for the clearly obvious path of learning how to frame things myself from scratch. On discovering that I have not the ability, the space, or the time to make frames from scratch I opted instead for buying second hand frames (incredibly cheap from charity shops) and attempting to clean them up and improve them. I bought a bunch of paint samplers from a DIY store and some basic tools to get me started.

Here’s my first attempt. It went ok, but I really don’t like the effect of the matt paint. I need to find a different type of paint or some way of varnishing them afterwards, all of the varnishes I’ve found state they should not be used on paint (any suggestions welcome).

2012-09-07 11.25.47
Plain frame from the charity shop

2012-09-10 15.47.26
Oh! What have I done?

2012-09-20 09.29.16
Ok, it’s not too bad but could be better.

(the picture came from Tara McPherson’s wonderful online shop Cotton Candy Machine which you should look at. I can no longer look at it, it makes holes appear in my bank account.)

Guerra de las Galaxias prints

January 26, 2012

I stuck these in my Etsy basket a while back and did nothing about it because I couldn’t afford to spend cash on art, then the other day I tricked myself while half asleep and just bought them, glad I did so as they are awesome.

John Karpinsky’s Guerra de las Galaxias – Star Wars Day of the Dead/El Diade Los Muertos prints

I just need to get some decent frames and stop trying to convince myself to try and make my own frames, it’s not worked out great so far.



Maidenhead Art on the Street

January 3, 2010

DSC_5849A short while before Christmas the lovely people at Boville’s in Maidenhead organised Art on the Street, being a two day art market aimed at local artists, with the benefit of sponsorship it only cost £25 for a pitch for two days meaning it was accessible for everyone and just off the main shopping centre in Maidenhead so that people actually turned up to look at and buy the art.

There was a pleasing selection of art on show. I’d expected nothing but still life and landscapes, not that I have anything against still life or landscapes, it’s just good to see a little diversity. We hung around with Jen and Neil for a bit, bemoaned the timing of the market (too close to Christmas, I’d already spent all my cash), bought a couple of prints then sodded off home. Really enjoyed it and looking forward to the next one.

More that a little pissed off with myself for having not got my shit together enough to have taken part. Another year has gone by where I’ve prioritised other people’s projects over my own and let work get in the way in the most horrific and unacceptable manner. I have been taking steps in the right direction, hopefully I’ll have got myself sorted enough that I might have enough finished material for the next market (May). I have a couple of sketchbooks full of ideas but nothing concrete yet. It was good to see that both Jen and Neil had created a load of really brilliant work alongside their day-jobs, with the right mindset I may get something finished. Had a chat with Scott and Emma today about maybe sharing a pitch at the next one, should give me a bit of motivation.

So, thanks to Boville’s for injecting a bit of art and culture into our otherwise fairly dismal town, and if I fail to get enough material together for a future event I’ll just have to go on an axe wielding rampage through the town instead.

Some links of interest:

DSC_5851 DSC_5853 DSC_5872 DSC_5869

More photos here.

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