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Building Walls

January 24, 2011

So, let’s say you hire a builder to build a wall in your garden. The builder gives you some advice about where he thinks the wall should go, how high it should be and what sort of bricks it should be made of. You ignore his advice because it’s your garden and you know your garden better than he does.

He builds the wall where you ask, using the materials you requested and at the height you felt appropriate. You decide you don’t like the position so he knocks it down and starts again in the new position.

This time you decide the wall is too high, so he does some builder stuff and makes it lower. But then, suddenly, you realise it looks stupid at that height in that position so you ask him to move it elsewhere. He knocks it down and starts again.

Oh no! It’s the wrong sort of bricks. It clashes horribly with the shed where it is now. You ask the builder to change the type of bricks in your wall to nice yellow ones. He knocks it down and starts again.

Damn! It’s too low, you can see the neighbours ugly child over it. Not a problem, the builder makes it a bit higher.

So you’ve got a nice yellow wall that carefully obscures the ugly children next door but doesn’t clash with the shed. But something’s not quite right. Oh, you can no longer see out of your kitchen window. You are sure the builder mentioned something about this previously but you opted to ignore him because you know your garden better than he does (silly builder).

One last time. You ask the builder where it was he thought the wall should go (and how high, and in what colour), he tells you again what he said at the start and you agree to it (of course it was completely your idea all along, he knows NOTHING of your garden). You finally have a nice wall that obscures whatever you need obscuring while not obscuring whatever it is you don’t want obscuring. You are happy, the builder is happy.

The question is, how many walls should you have to pay for? You only have one new wall in your garden so surely you only have to pay for the one wall?

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