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Decoupage Frame

May 9, 2013

I started this a while back (about six months) but other things kept getting in the way. I was inspired by some craft projects my friend Caitlin had done and some of the projects on Cut Out and Keep. It’s my first attempt at decoupage (which I still cannot pronounce correctly). I bought a cheap wooden frame and a cheap hardback from a charity shop. Buying the book was the biggest challenge, I have an irrational negative reaction to the idea of ripping up a book for any purpose at all so I chose one that I would absolutely never read (an action thriller of some sort, no offense to the author it’s just not my sort of thing).

Rather that buy expensive decoupage paste I used cheap white glue mixed with water, it took a while to work out the best mix. It turns out the best method when using paper from a paperback is a lot of water and to absolutely soak the paper before applying it or it just comes right off when it dries. I should probably have sanded down the frame first or applied a layer of matt paint, it was fairly glossy and it took a lot of work to get the first layer of paper to stick.

Once it had dried I gave it a bit of a paint over with some white watercolour to brighten it up a little then coated the whole thing in clear acrylic varnish. Pretty happy with the result, I want to try again but something a bit more planned and designed.

The picture is by my friend Jen you can buy her work here.

Once again I failed to take before/during photos.





Further Framing Fun

March 20, 2013

Work has not allowed a huge amount of time for framing based adventures in recent times, but have managed to get a couple more bits done. I managed to clean up and re-glaze the charity shop frame I smashed a while back and the double mount looks pretty good.

2013-02-15 14.45.45

I decided I was unhappy with the frame I painted a while back so gave it a bit of a clean up and went over the paint where it was patchy, realised the main issue was the matt paint made it look dull so after a bit of research I found some satin acrylic and gave it a couple of coats, looks much nicer now.

2013-02-18 15.55.46

The office walls are looking a little less bare. I’ve started working on a couple of more challenging refurbs which I’ll photograph when done, annoyingly I forgot to take any pictures before I started.

2013-02-18 15.53.12

Picture Frame Refurb – V1

January 7, 2013

I have a growing collection of art prints sitting in a box in my office (mostly Tara McPherson & Jeremiah Ketner), not even collecting dust due to being sealed in an airtight container (after a minor office flood caused damage to a couple of them – this made me sad). On discovering how much cash it costs to get things framed properly and quite how crappy cheap frames can look I opted for the clearly obvious path of learning how to frame things myself from scratch. On discovering that I have not the ability, the space, or the time to make frames from scratch I opted instead for buying second hand frames (incredibly cheap from charity shops) and attempting to clean them up and improve them. I bought a bunch of paint samplers from a DIY store and some basic tools to get me started.

Here’s my first attempt. It went ok, but I really don’t like the effect of the matt paint. I need to find a different type of paint or some way of varnishing them afterwards, all of the varnishes I’ve found state they should not be used on paint (any suggestions welcome).

2012-09-07 11.25.47
Plain frame from the charity shop

2012-09-10 15.47.26
Oh! What have I done?

2012-09-20 09.29.16
Ok, it’s not too bad but could be better.

(the picture came from Tara McPherson’s wonderful online shop Cotton Candy Machine which you should look at. I can no longer look at it, it makes holes appear in my bank account.)

Books of joy #1 – Highrise Buildings of Shanghai in 80’s

February 21, 2010

Hurrah for books, especially obscure books that serve no purpose other than being intriguing. I’ve been practicing my (not so) l33t photography skillz on my esoteric book collection. Here’s part 1: “Highrise Buildings of Shanghai in 80’s”.

I picked this up in a charity shop in Newbury for about £3 along with a nice selection of arty books. I have no idea of the purpose of this book, assuming it had a purpose in the first place. It’s a lovely chunky hardback containing shedloads of text, some colour photos of Highrise buildings and a mass of intriguing floorplans for aforementioned buildings. None of the text is in latin script apart from the title on the cover and a couple of chapter headings, I’m assuming it’s all in a Chinese dialect. I don’t want to know what any of it means, that would ruin the magic, it’s probably an exceptionally dull text book, but it looks nice. It’s been rubber stamped on the inside cover (again in Chinese), which may be  a library stamp, or a school stamp or may not be. Enjoy the intrigue.

Disclaimer. I may be violating someone’s copyright here. If so, contact me and I shall remove this entry and photos.

Full set on flickr.







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