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Day trip to Didcot Railway Centre

January 11, 2015

So we spent the day at Alexander’s spiritual home – Didcot Railway Centre. We had taken him there before but he was a bit freaked out last time, never really worked out why. Much less freaked out this time, in fact utterly over excited about EVERYTHING there.

We didn’t choose the best day as unfortunately the trains were not running, the sheds were closed and the museum was closed for renovations BUT it was lovely and quiet and we had a really pleasant time wandering round in the winter sun peering at trains, rails and signal boxes.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a big fan of TRAINS and if it wasn’t for Alexander’s great love of them it’s not somewhere I would have chosen to come but it’s actually a great environment. It’s calm, it’s intermingled with the countryside, the people are lovely, there’s a great little cafe and I actually learned some things. Regardless of interest in TRAINS it’s a great place to take photos, there’s lots of interesting shapes, colours and textures, especially the textures. Anyone looking to top up their random patterns and textures for photoshop work could spend a happy few hours here, it’s a grunge paradise.

We pottered around, looked at some trains, ate some chips then wandered off home stopping only for tea in a garden centre (although we didn’t get the tea in the end due to queues). The only low point of the day was witnessing a GROWN MAN encouraging his three year old child to bang on the glass of a fish tank in the pet shop while cackling loudly. Evil shit.

Here are some photos. The rest are up on flickr.


We are early

Power and Rail

White Berry

Reflected Selfie (accidental)

More Carriages


Wall Wall Wall Tap


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