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Spring Darkness

April 29, 2010

Quick photo catchup. Accidentally have a mix of slightly dark/gothic looking pics and assorted spring pics (not really a surprise). We took a trip to West Wycombe with Emily and Katie during which everything seemed to be unnecessarily expensive, £5 each to walk round the park, £5 each to go in the caves (we didn’t bother), couple of quid each to climb the church tower (we didn’t bother).

Recent favourites:

DSC_6485Noisy Tits in the garden

DSC_6451House by All Saints Cemetery in Maidenhead. Up for sale, very tempting.

DSC_6622Somewhere in Shiplake

DSC_6464In the woods…

DSC_6500Karen, Emily and Katie posing for their Indie-rock album cover (by the Temple of Venus in West Wycombe park)




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