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Facebook Doesn’t Care

December 28, 2015

Facebook are not trying to remove this picture, They don't care

Facebook are not trying to remove this picture.

They don’t care.

96.942% don’t care.

Are you brave enough not to care?

What is caring?

Please do not share this if you care.

Because really, they don’t give a crap about your picture of a flag, or a church or a soldier or a gun, you are just propagating lies in order to boost the engagement of some Facebook page which will be sold off once it’s stats hit a certain level. All you are doing is giving facebook more information about your likes and dislikes to sell to advertisers (oh, and annoying your friends).

Hey you, wanna buy a big gun and some anti-foreigner spray? Facebook tells me that’s what you’re into!

Political Correctness and Health and Safety

April 5, 2015

Happy Easter! When did buying easter presents become a thing? I’ve not got a problem with it but I never expect it and don’t buy them for other people so end up feeling incredibly guilty and apologising all over the place.

Anyway, there’s a new T-shirt up at More T Vicar. “Political Correctness – unrelated to Health and Safety, regardless of what the Daily Mail tells you“. I’ve started about six more designs but have not had any spare time to finish them (work has been incredibly busy).

I was going to start working more on some robot and animal designs but I keep getting exposed unpleasant levels of general bigotry and nastiness on Facebook (apparently Enoch Powell was right, a scary thought) which has inspired some more of the social commentary type stuff which I’ll put together if time allows. I need to draw a Police helmet and I keep getting carried away with the details (which it really doesn’t need).

In an effort to take the whole creative thing seriously I’ve set up a Facebook page (because no-one was able to do art before Facebook existed). In reality it’s nice to be able to actually get some feedback on stuff I’ve done and it makes me feel a lot more positive about it all. Please follow it if you like any of what I do, I’m unlikely to be filling your timeline with bibble because I just don’t have the time at the moment.


Take care!


Welcome to Slough… …now go away.

August 9, 2013

Look what I found round the back of the bins (or their digital equivalent). I take no credit for this, it was made by a friend who will remain nameless for now. These are real quotes from a facebook group. Not a far-right facebook group, just a normal facebook group the purpose of which is nostalgia about a local community. There’s also a version with people’s full names on but since I live near them and they are clearly unbalanced I’m too much of a coward right now to include them.


Look! A downloadable version you could if you so desired print out and put up somewhere.

I am an idiot

September 10, 2012

Facebook has made it far too easy to say a meaningless ‘Happy Birthday’ to your friends, more so than a cheap card, to combat this I like, when time and motivation allow, to do something a bit more personal for friends. I started out just drawing a picture for them and posting it on their wall. This then progressed to me recording a short birthday message with a webcam. After a while even this didn’t seem enough so I started recording short stupid videos mostly of my dancing badly to awful music for comedy value. Last week was David’s birthday. He is a lovely man who deserves a special message so I spent two hours recording clips and learning how to use Adobe Premiere Pro (using the awesome wonder that is Lynda.com) to come up with the abomination above. I’m concerned I may have set expectations for future birthday messages a little high now, but I’m not going to back down, I may just need to lose a few friends. The music is by Venetian Snares.

I have already had two complaints from friends that their birthday messages were not of a high enough standard! I am a fucking idiot.

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