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May 9, 2010

We took a day off last weekend. No work, no study, etc and went to feed the ducks on Ray Mill Island (not for the whole day, there’s only so long you can spend distributing bread to waterfowl). Was great to get away from technology and swearing for a bit, I showed Karen how to get the geese to come and take bread out of your hand (they are a lot less threatening when you are offering food) and we saw some baby geese and moorhens. Only slightly marred when we sat down with ice cream and someone’s dog came and crapped right in front of us. Lovely. Here are some pictures. (Promise to post something that isn’t just a bunch of pictures soon).






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I am Bob. This is my blog. It is an outlet and a substitute for real life. It contains my art, photography, illustration and thoughts on mental health (I deal with anxiety on a pretty much constant basis).

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