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Preparing for the Combine

January 30, 2011

After a rough few months starting to get my mental state balanced again. Recently made the decision to stop working all weekends and evenings and allow myself some time to work on creative projects of my own (and just relax occasionally). Working out relatively ok so far although not sure how effective this will be long term as already starting to slip on some deadlines. The next step is to learn to manage people’s expectations, mostly by no longer agreeing to unrealistic deadlines. I may be out of work by the end of the year but hopefully less unhealthily stressed out.

Have not yet got back to a point where I’m managing any real creative output but starting to feel more mentally ready to get some stuff done.

Anyway, part of my ongoing plan is to start trying out new things so after a hard first gardening day of the year I had a crack ad doing a stencil to decorate the shed. Used this rather helpful tutorial on Instructables. I am such a spod:

IMAG0745 IMAG0747


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I am Bob. This is my blog. It is an outlet and a substitute for real life. It contains my art, photography, illustration and thoughts on mental health (I deal with anxiety on a pretty much constant basis).

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