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In the woods

February 24, 2017

HELLO. Here’s a piece I’ve had marked as ‘work in progress’ for about two months. It’s not going to progress so here it is. I was worried it was a bit too ‘cheap gothic horror book cover’ but I like the symmetry. It was the rough which gave me the ideas I’m working on now and which have caused me to spend too much time dragging myself round cold moors looking for crows and magpies.

In the woods

Awkward Penguin

December 29, 2015

Back to fighting mental issues through the medium of drawing cute animals. I actually wrote about two thousand words on this but then couldn’t face proof reading it so drew a penguin instead. Annoyingly I have since become aware of the Socially Awkward Penguin meme, this is an unfortunate coincidence.


You say ‘Good listener’ I say ‘Too awkward to interrupt’

Facebook Doesn’t Care

December 28, 2015

Facebook are not trying to remove this picture, They don't care

Facebook are not trying to remove this picture.

They don’t care.

96.942% don’t care.

Are you brave enough not to care?

What is caring?

Please do not share this if you care.

Because really, they don’t give a crap about your picture of a flag, or a church or a soldier or a gun, you are just propagating lies in order to boost the engagement of some Facebook page which will be sold off once it’s stats hit a certain level. All you are doing is giving facebook more information about your likes and dislikes to sell to advertisers (oh, and annoying your friends).

Hey you, wanna buy a big gun and some anti-foreigner spray? Facebook tells me that’s what you’re into!

How did I get here?

August 27, 2015

A chimp attempting to give a business presentation. This is a self portrait (or possibly an autobiographical illustration). Life is weird, confusing and pretty much chaos all the time.

How did I get here?

Who Dat Badger

February 3, 2015

Home counties version of Rastamouse, drawn for Emily’s birthday. This is mostly a collection of stupid in-jokes in the form of a birthday card but I quite liked the outcome.

Who Dat Badger Birthday Card

Expectations Cat

December 19, 2014

More therapy via illustration.


Autumn Pattern

September 1, 2014

Inspired by blackberry picking with the family.


Illustration Update

February 23, 2014

Few bits and pieces from the last few days, all self-initiated quick sketches.

Bearded Sunflower


MyBigPinkPhone-01 lass=

Diamond Snowflake with sliced circle pattern background

February 12, 2014


Some Pictures

January 4, 2014

I found a little bit of spare time to do some illustration over Christmas, I was hoping to do some painting as well but didn’t find the time in the end. Here’s the bits I managed, all a combination of Illustrator/Photoshop.

Ornamental Tile Design.

Green Mandala. I’ve started drawing Mandalas as warm up exercises for digital illustration. I find it very calming although tend to end up just doing those rather than starting on what I originally intended.

I drew a bunch of snowflakes and wanted somewhere to use them.

'Tis the season
A 1950s style poster for my interpretation of the Christmas season.

Terry IceCrystals disapproves of your hipster bullshit. Because he does!

Happy New Year xx

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