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I have a mac

April 14, 2008

I have a mac. It’s an interesting experience. Not unpleasant, but certainly not the life changing experience certain people would have me believe (you know who you are).

To be specific I have a MacBook, I considered a MacBook Pro but I couldn’t afford it at the moment, plus I’m not certain what the difference is, the MacBook seems to work fine for my purposes.

This year is my tenth year of self-employment in the internet industry, and also my tenth year of not owning a laptop (actually Roger gave me an ancient one a while back but it was pretty ancient at the time and I didn’t make much use of it due to it’s massive size and weight). I wanted to give it a try and see if owning a laptop would make much difference to my work/life/existence in general, given that previous to yesterday I had no way of testing any of my work on a mac it seemed to make sense to pay the extortionate fee and get a mac laptop.

I’ve been generally opposed to macs for a while, not because of any technological reason but because of the MASSIVE SMUGNESS of a large number of the mac users I’ve met. I have a very low tolerance for any sort of aspirational marketing, actually, I believe it to be one of the main causes of the disintegration of our society. So bearing this in mind, I don’t react too well to the simpering mac fanboys. For those impressionable fools (again you know who you are) I’d like to remind you that:

  1. Owning a mac does NOT make you more creative.
  2. Apple are not a friendly local company. They are as evil/capitalist as any other company, actually possibly worse as they’ve convinced far too many people that they are not.

I get exceptionally irritated about the first point, your tools should not define your ability. Some of the most talented people I know are PC users, some of the least are mac users. But then, others of the more talented are mac users and some of the less talented are PC users, what does that tell you eh?

Since I first switched the machine on I feel like I’ve been immersed in a smugfest of epic proportions, the first time you start it up you get this HORRIFIC animation which insists on saying ‘hello’ to you in an assortment of languages while some twee music plays over the top of an uber-smug animation. I nearly wanged it out of the window before I’d had a chance to use it. Actually, there’s another thing (off the point a bit) PLEASE corporate marketing drones, stop using twee folk music to advertise your wares, it doesn’t fool us, it may fool some people, but you could sell to them by waving shiny things around a bit.

The smugfest continues unabated as a small selection of acquaintances give me a cheery ‘Welcome to the club”, do I really need make any more comment on this?

I appear to have strayed off the point rather horribly, I was going to write about my experience of using a mac for the first time after over a decade of exclusive PC use. Something seems to have sucked away my attention span, I blame this creativity inducing black box sitting on my lap.

(p.s. I’m actually quite enjoying the process of learning a new O/S, I might write some serious notes when I’ve had more of a chance to play with it)

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