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January 9, 2013

Minor disaster in the office. I picked up a mountboard cutter for myself as a Christmas present from the lovely chaps at DIY Framing. I went over to see them in Wycombe as it’s just round the corner, really recommend giving them a visit, incredibly well stocked and helpful, they gave me a big pile of mountboard offcuts to practice with. Anyway, because I didn’t think it through I bought (a while back) a whole bunch of arctic white mountboard rather than a nice mixed selection, it looks a little stark in combination with the prints and frames I’m working on. To try and offset this I had a go at double mounting a pic in a nice second hand frame I found in Oxfam a couple of months back. I didn’t measure properly and the double mounting meant the backing board wouldn’t fit, tried to force it and smashed the glass. Fortunately I didn’t damage the print or myself. I’ll get some replacement glass and a greater range of mountboard once I’ve lifted the post-Christmas spending ban again.

2013-01-09 13.15.47

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