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Fantasy Board Games with a Four Year Old

January 1, 2015

So, after a short break (of nearly 20 years), I dug out from the attic my old fantasy role-play and wargaming stuff (mostly Warhammer 40K), sadly a fair amount of it seems to have disappeared over the years, ebay has filled in some gaps (very narked that my entire Bloodbowl setup and Warhammer Fantasy Battle have both been lost to a random house move somewhere). Really, when as a hobby did this become so insanely expensive? Fortunately Karen had always wanted to give Dungeons and Dragons a crack, and we’ve invested in a few more recent board games. I’m wearing her down to playing 40K (I put what’s left of my old Space Marine army together for her), we’re sticking to 2nd edition for now because I have all the bits we need to play it and as above it’s far too expensive to buy any new stuff.

It’s lovely to be able to share the gaming with Karen, I was always a bit awkward with it all when I was young and rarely got up the courage to actually ask anyone to play, I eventually drifted away from the whole scene more through social awkwardness than anything else.

We were unsure of how to deal with gaming around Alexander (who was still 3 when we started), there’s a lot of small parts which we don’t want to lose, fortunately he’s never been interested in shoving random stuff in his mouth but he does enjoy running off with things to make games of his own. With a bit of care he now understands that the board games and battle games are things we all do together and he doesn’t play with them on his own.

He now regularly asks to play “Dungeons” or “Castle Games” and we’ve worked out simpler variations of Carcassonne and Heroquest which he can join in with. I came up with some simple dungeon based treasure hunt games using a D&D dungeon tile set, some plastic Warhammer figures and a cup of buttons. He even helped me choose Karen’s Christmas present – Ticket To Ride (it’s got TRAINS daddy, it’s got TRAINS).

Over time we’re slowly introducing him to more rules here and there but the most important thing right now is that we have some games we can all enjoy together. I’m planning to try and teach him basic roleplaying soon, probably something dinosaur based.

I’d really recommend Carcassonne for a young child, there’s no small parts and you can just start them off by building maps together without worrying about trying to score any points.

Any suggestions for RPG, board games which we can play with a four year old would be cool.

Playing Heroquest with a tiny child who always wants to be the green one

Playing Carcassonne with a tiny child
Playing Carcassonne with a tiny child

Divorama Drama

May 22, 2013

Once more I am grateful to the NHS in general and the staff at Wexham Park in particular. In a moment of terrifyingly bad parenting, following a long day I decided to have a quick blink at which moment Alexander opted to dive backwards off our garden bench onto the concrete floor. I’m not sure if it was hitting the floor or my sudden scream of “FUCKING HELL” which caused the most distress but we had to drive to A&E.

Everyone was lovely and spent the entire time repeatedly telling us that (a) we had done the right thing by bringing Alexander in, we were not wasting their time; and (b) it happens a lot, really a lot. I still feel intensely guilty for allowing momentary distraction but slightly better. Given he’s spent the evening breakdancing and demanding food I’m hoping all will be fine by the morning.

The biggest upset of the whole event was trying to leave the hospital as Alexander had grown very attached to the toy train in the waiting room and screamed “back back back” all the way to the door where he became instantly distracted by the ambulances and police cars outside.

Lessons learned today: Don’t blink EVER and if you want to get through A&E quickly try being a two year old. On a serious note, we are incredibly lucky to be living in a country with a health service and it should be protected at all costs.

Here’s a handy link to a campaign to save the NHS from the Tory shitbags.

I made some more stupid videos. Here are a couple from this week:

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