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Take all the pills and go to sleep forever

June 7, 2009

Bit of a rough couple of weeks at work so this took two weeks longer than intended (to find the time). Named after the Reincarnationfish song (of the same name). Seem to be finding song names and lyrics (especially Rfish’s) a good source of inspiration at the moment.


Same time again next week in three weeks. xx

Dirty Heart (Illustration 09/05/2009)

May 16, 2009

Hand drawn, scanned, traced in illustrator. Textures mostly mine with one Machine Wash texture.

Trying to complete at least one self-initiated piece a week, this took two but I blame illness. Started the next one last night.


Started a new Flickr set for illustrations.

Happy Saturday.

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I am Bob. This is my blog. It is an outlet and a substitute for real life. It contains my art, photography, illustration and thoughts on mental health (I deal with anxiety on a pretty much constant basis).

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