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A dance as old as time

April 7, 2010

A beautiful dance, reflecting the struggles of mankind in an act as simple as sending a mass-email.

We meet once a week
I’m emailed that week’s marketing email.

and we talk of what’s to come…
I insist we put a delay on the delivery so they can properly proof read it, fair chance no-one has yet, they insist it’s MEGAURGENT and must be sent IMMEDIATELY, NO DELAY!!!

We take our first steps…
I correct the horrific spelling errors and lightly proofread the mailout. I would proof-read it more thoroughly but hard to do so when being constantly questioned IS IT DONE YET IS IT DONE YET IS IT DONE YET?

The dance proper begins…
I queue the mailout up to be sent in an hour and send them test copies. They say URGENT SEND NOW NO DELAY!!11!! I insist they read the test copies and check them. They say URGENT SEND NOW NO DELAY!!11!! (for even a 20 minute delay will weaken their marketing message until it is nothing but a fine morning mist dissipating in the sun. I pretend I have gone deaf and leave the delay on.

We conclude our dance for this time.
Two minutes before the mailout is queued to go I’m contacted with MEGAURGENT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT!!111!! For why? Because there were some glaring inaccuracies and the name of the MD was spelled wrong (again).

And onto the next time, when it will be as though we haven’t already done this a thousand times before. Each time fresh, the same steps, although with slightly different timing.

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